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Why use billing service?

In practice management, time is a crucial element. Needless to say, the speed at which doctors submit their claims and statements to insurance companies and their patients also determine the speed at which they will be able to collect payments and reimbursements. Not to mention, the ability to immediately identify and follow-up denials can considerably cut the amount of time accounts stay in receivable status.The devil is in the details and unfortunately so your profits are. Inaccurate data capture, clerical errors, outdated billing systems and archaic reporting tools can cause you to lose a substantial portion or all of your profits.

We offer premium medical billing service for only 6.5% of collected amount. Premium service includes:

  • Electronic and paper claims submission (with in 1 business day of receipt).
  • Dedicated follow-up (with in 7 days).
  • Correction and/or resubmission to medical insurance.
  • Aged claim reconciliation.
  • Weekly/monthly customized reports.
  • Patient statements.
  • Insurance denial management.
  • Accounts monitoring and aging.

For a limited time we offer premium service for only 6% + FREE account setup!


We also offer basic medical billing service just for $3 per electronic claim submission and $4 per paper claim submission. No additional charges!

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